Jennifer A. Garcia, Motivational Speaker

Network Referral Group (NRG) Zoom Networking Extravaganza

photo from Network Referral Group (NRG) Zoom Networking Extravaganza on August 7, 2020Looking to connect with over 100 businesses in MD, VA, PA, NC, TX, OH, and FL? Then join me!


1-3PM (EST)
Meeting Login ID: 82215158500

photo from Network Referral Group (NRG) Zoom Networking Extravaganza on August 7, 2020Come hear:
Tips to Improve your Elevator Speech & PINBALL
by Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra

Using Law of Attraction to Attract Clients/Customers by Raphael Aguon, Law of Attraction Instructor

Maximizing Your Networking by Mike Weiner CEO of Network Referral Group (NRG)

Communicating with Spirit

Photo of Jennifer Garcia speaking I was invited by Margaret Perry Ehrlich Founder of Inspired Ghost-Tracking to speak to her Meetup group last evening to share some of my stories of connecting and communicating with Spirit. The audience was receptive and asked good questions during the Q&A at the end. Margaret and her fellow investigator Rob did a wonderful job of making me feel welcome and helping me to promote my services to their group. After my talk, Margaret asked if I would like to come back for a future event and I said yes!

Photo of Jennifer Garcia speaking All in all a successful speaking engagement!

Photo of Jennifer Garcia speaking

Struggling with Food Cravings? Learn why.

photo of fried foods people craveStruggling with Food Cravings? Learn why.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018  6pm-8pm
at the Spiritual Spectra office
5457 Twin Knolls Road Suite 300
Columbia, MD 21045

Struggling with food cravings is the biggest hurdle to overcome toward developing well-balanced healthy eating habits. So many want to make the choice to eat healthier to lose weight, have more energy, feel better, get fit and/or develop a healthier lifestyle but fall short of it because they keep craving the wrong foods.

Why do you crave foods that put on pounds? Why do you crave certain foods over and over again? Why do you turn to food during stressful or trying times?

Join us for this workshop to get the answers to these questions!

Dr. Nikita Patel ND of Sunshine Holistic Health will reveal information your doctor isn’t telling you about the science behind food cravings. This revolutionary information can help you to work toward eliminating craving the wrong foods.

Jennifer Garcia Founder of Spiritual Spectra will help you identify emotional triggers to food cravings and teach you how to take control over your cravings.

Don’t wait!

Eventbrite - Spiritual Spectra's Wellness Talk Series: Struggling with Food Cravings? Learn why.
The cost is $45. When you think about the hundreds of dollars people spend on diet programs or unused gym memberships, the price for this workshop is very reasonable. We offer it at this incredibly low rate because we want to get the information out there to help others lead a healthy life.

Questions? Contact us at or 1-888-934-3642 (toll-free). Visit our website for information about this and other upcoming events.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Patel, you can visit her website To schedule an appointment, contact her at 410-917-5528 or

Meditation Circle

Meditation CircleThe Spiritual Spectra Meditation Circle meets on the 1st Monday of the month from 6pm-7pm at the Spiritual Spectra Office 5457 Twin Knolls Road Suite 300 Columbia, MD 21045.

Millions of people are coping better with the hectic stresses of life by finding a new peace through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Scientific studies are discovering that meditation can have profound health benefits such as easing chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, improving heart health, memory and cognitive functions, as well as boosting mood. For more information on the health benefits, visit the NIH website and/or this article in Psychology Today.

The Spiritual Spectra Meditation Circle offers a quiet, peaceful environment to help you let go of the mental chatter so you can go inward and connect spiritually. The Meditation Circle features Guided Meditations by Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra. Participants will be seated in chairs; however, you can feel free to bring a yoga mat to sit on the floor. Beginners welcome!

This Meditation Circle has no religious affiliation, all are welcome!

The ticket price is $10, plus online ticketing fee when paying by debit/credit card. You can also pay in cash the day of the event.

Eventbrite - Meditation Circle


Age: You must be at least 18 years of age.

Intent: We ask participants to come to this event with an open mind and loving energy.

Conduct: This is a group event so please be respectful and courteous to our presenter and participants. Spiritual Spectra reserves the right to ask any participant to exit and not return if their rude, surly, negative, disrespectful, inappropriate or harmful behavior interrupts the Meditation process and/or the comfort of other participants. No refunds will be given.

photo of Spiritual Spectra Meditation CircleSet-up: The room will be set up with chairs for people to sit in to meditate. If you wish to bring a yoga mat or pillow to sit on the floor you may do so.

Attire: While it is recommended to dress comfortably for maximum relaxation, you are welcome to come after work in whatever suit or uniform you are wearing.

Cancellation Policy: Should events be canceled due to snow or other reason, those who have already registered and paid will be rolled over to a future date of their choosing.

Payment Policy: There are no refunds. Should a participant pay in advance for an event and not be able to attend, they can attend on one future date of their choosing.

Media: Spiritual Spectra reserves the right to audio or visually record the event for future use, participants will not be financially or otherwise compensated for such, although Spiritual Spectra will do its best to respect the privacy of all participants no guarantees can be made.