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Team Network Columbia Action Network – June 13, 2017
“Holistic Wellness”

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Meditation Mindset Makeover

Everything starts with belief! In Star Wars, Luke says to Yoda upon having seen the star cruiser been lifted up out of the swamp through Yoda’s use of the Force, “I don’t believe it!” Yoda responds, “That is why you fail.” Having a Mindset of Belief in yourself, your vision, your business or organization is primary. This motivational talk is teaching you how to utilize Meditation to free your mind of negative thought patterns, release stress and make a mindset shift toward positive thinking. During this talk participants will experience a Guided Meditation.

Moving from Dreamer to Visionary

A dreamer is someone who hopes for something but that hope remains in their imagination only. A visionary is someone who hopes for something and works toward making it a reality. Taking that leap from dreamer to visionary can sometimes be a person’s greatest obstacle. Some motivation and direction can just be what someone needs to take that jump!

This inspirational talk can be focused for those who aren’t sure what’s holding them back and need a boost; it can be tailored to those who are considering a career transition but need the proper motivation; or this can be for young adults going out into the real world for the first time.

Making the Vision Plain – Goal Setting

A hope or dream can be an illusion or a vision. You only know which when you take the time to really examine it. Making the Vision Plain is a workshop format where participants write down their hopes, dreams, visions and with guidance not only clarify that vision but develop the steps needed to make it come to fruition.

Choosing Your Career Path

Young children are often asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up”. Young children most often say the first thing that comes to mind or say they don’t know. What happens when you grow up, and still don’t know? Whether you’re a young adult just starting your career or a mature adult with many years of experience, this question can sometimes still be a very challenging one. This talk offers guidance on how to find the career path to which you are called. This talk can be geared for targeted groups such as young adults or retirees seeking a new career or a mixed group.

Having previously given workshops and talks at the University of Maryland and Florida International University, I am also available to speak to colleges and universities on major/career path choices.

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness is not about treating symptoms but rather finding the root cause of what is causing the symptoms and restoring the body and mind to be more balanced and healthy. Book this talk to learn about Holistic Wellness and how to make better choices for your life.

Alleviating Stress

The demands of the 21st Century of keeping up with technology and information that comes streaming every second can be incredibly overwhelming. This coupled with the responsibilities of profession and family, it’s no surprise that stress is something that is in everyone’s mind. Book this talk to learn tips on how to alleviate stress and make healthier life choices.

Self-Care for the Entrepreneur

21st Century entrepreneurs have far greater advantages than those of their predecessors. However, those advantages sometimes come at a cost and far too often that cost is their health. 20th Century entrepreneurs could leave their work at work and make their home their sanctuary, that is no longer the case for entrepreneurs today. We can be at work 24/7 which for the business can be profitable but for the entrepreneur a danger to their health. Book this talk to learn tips for self-care including alleviating stress, food choices, work/life balance, and how to make healthier life choices.

Mindfulness Meditation

The benefits of Meditation is increased focus and motivation, reduced reactivity, and a more peaceful demeanor. I can provide group Meditation Sessions for your organization or event.

Spiritual Awakening

In this age there are many who are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, they are eager to seek, to learn and explore. This topic is kept broad because it can take on many variations. I would rather discuss with the organizer of the event their intention and develop a program that meets their needs.

Coping with Loss

The loss of a loved one can cripple even the strongest of individuals. In this heartfelt session, participants can feel free to open up, as they choose, about their feelings of loss. In our society we tend to bottle up our feelings, but expressing them is the first step to healing them. In addition, I will offer suggestions of ways to cope with loss in healthy ways.

Messages from Spirit

Messages from Spirit is a Group Psychic-Medium Reading Event which offers a warm, inviting, community environment whereupon each person receives the benefit of communing with Spirit by hearing and/or receiving messages. Messages from Spirit features Psychic Medium Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra, providing predictions and channeled messages from loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides & Angels.

Messages from Spirit is a warm community environment to connect with your loved ones here and beyond.

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