Jennifer A. Garcia, Motivational Speaker


I’m appreciative to those who’ve taken the time to write a testimonial for me.

Network Referral Group (NRG) Zoom Networking Extravaganza – August 7, 2020
“Thank you so much for being my cohost for the 2020 summer extravaganza that we had on zoom yesterday with over 100 people. You were absolutely amazing, your speech about pinball was off the charts and I so totally appreciate your dedication, loyalty and your amazing way to deliver the message! You are a rockstar!” Michael Weiner, CEO of Network Referral Group (NRG)

“Thanks Jennifer! GREAT job on clarifying PINBALL! This was the most helpful thing I heard thus far. Thank you so much!” Edie Johnson McRae Representative with Melaleuca

“Jen that was AMAZING!! You really knocked it out of the park!!!! So well said!!! And I totally agree! 1 minute or less!” Julia Flynn Werre Üforia Utritionist

“Great info. Thank you” Deborah McCallen Operations Manager at Honey Do Today

“Great job on the clarification of PINBALL! Very helpful. . . .” Joyce A Olsen Mobile Marketing Consultant with Sentext Solutions

Messages from Spirit – August 13, 2018
“Thanks for such great and inspiring messages.” Karen D., Columbia, MD

Unlock the Visionary Within – June 8,2013
“Thank you Jennifer for being the host who brought it all in. Your session was thought provoking and made us really begin to create a strategy to launch our visions. I am most appreciative of you.” Andrea Garris Jackson

Pass It Forward – April 4, 2012
“Shout out to Jennifer A. Garcia for a great presentation this evening… we really appreciate you “passing it forward” – you rock!”
Monique Washington Jones, Washington’s Karate Dojo

Small Business Breakfast Club – November 17, 2011
“Jennifer, you packed quite a bit of information in a short session! Thank you for your talk ‘The Who, What, When, Where Why and How of Social Media for Business’ at the Small Business Breakfast Club.”
Paul Curtis, P Curtis Enterprise

Women’s Empowerment Conference – October 28th, 2011
“Thank you Jennifer for being the Small Business Power Coach for the Women’s Empowerment Conference.”
Lisa Dolce, Pinnacle Empowerment Center

AACIA – February 2, 2011 meeting
“Several months ago I invited Jennifer Garcia to present at the Anne Arundel Commercial & Industrial Association. The topic was ‘The Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Use Social Media’. Jennifer did a great job talking about social media and the benefits. She also discussed how to keep it simple and manageable. She captivated the members and I received a lot of good feedback about her presentation. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker on social media.”
Janeene DiMatteo, Tenacity Settlements LLC

Maryland Writers Association – September 16, 2010 meeting
“Jennifer Garcia of Logicreative spoke to the Howard County Chapter of the Maryland Writers Association. She spoke about networking and marketing options for writers. From that topic, she discussed social media and other marketing avenues available for writers who have minimal budgets. Although she spoke before a small audience, and the weather wasn’t good, she engaged the members who were interested in what she had to say. I would recommend her to other groups who need to discuss similar topics.”
Louise Harris, Maryland Writers Association Howard County Chapter

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